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Speak For Yourself® Speaks for Itself!

by | Oct 24, 2011

What a season it’s been!

Whether I coached a father to deliver the best possible speech for his daughter’s wedding, improved a business presentation, helped get a professional promoted, or assisted in getting a business sold for top dollar, it is so rewarding to see my clients succeed.

Thank you – to all of the clients listed below. I’m honored to work with you.

Speaking & Event Highlights

Ambit Energy’s conference, Ambition! 2011 was a blast. Besides giving the keynote speech, I got to meet and interact with their incredible consultants.

United Way —  I worked with United Way of Metropolitan Dallas on two separate projects this fall, both with the same goal: communicate their story more effectively to raise more funds for the United Way’s Community Impact Fund. I worked with both the service providers and the campaign associates. This work provided me with an added value—the ability to help raise money for good things to happen in our (Dallas) community.

Last week at the American Dental Association in Las Vegas, my husband, Jim Reisman, became a Fellow in the American College of Dentistry. You can see the pictures here.

Group Highlights

This fall I worked with two different companies to help them communicate their stories to achieve their goals.

Barrier Advisorsan investment banking and corporate finance company, needed assistance in tailoring a presentation for Company A*– a business they are helping to sell. First I worked with the Barrier Advisor team to simplify the message, and then with the C-Suite of Company A* to develop their strategic delivery of the company’s story.

Mary Kay Cosmetics  —  To honor four new national sales directors Mary Kay created a “National Day of Honor” and flew these dynamic women to Dallas for a full day of events. This day included a half-day with me, improving their presentation skills. Of the four women, two spoke only Spanish. Thank you to my fantastic translator, Teresa Morales, Senior Editor Bilingual Communications, Mary Kay Inc. The second half of their day they shopped at Nordstrom with a gift card. Lucky girls!

Individual Highlights

I worked with various individuals, both through their companies, and on their own, to help them reach their communication and presentation goals.

Dr. Carolyn Matthewsan oncologist, came to me before giving several presentations. Our sessions allowed her presentations to become more dynamic, through better organization of her content and her visuals, which in turn, led to greater buy-in from her audiences.

With Joe Smith*, a Partner in a leading Dallas private equity firm, we fine-tuned his presentation. Together we worked to improve the original speech and simplify his visuals so that he could make a great first impression to a critical audience.

Brian Bogard with Edward Jones, not only saw significant improvement in his presentation skills, both in his seminars and in front of management, but also received a promotion moving him from a financial advisor to a regional leader.

Public speeches don’t only occur in our professions, but in our personal lives as well. Tom White*, owner of Company Y*, came to me to work on presentations at his daughter’s wedding. His goal was to give fabulous speeches, without tearing up. By the end of our sessions he was confident and ready to go!


Thank you, again, to my clients,

and to my assistant, Arin Forstenzer,

for keeping me sane during fun and crazy times!

*Names of people and companies changed for confidentiality.


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