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Silencing The Noise – how to communicate in a crisis

by | Mar 25, 2024

You now know that Catherine, Princess of Wales, has been diagnosed with cancer and she’s in the early stages of chemotherapy treatment.

The British Royal Family, according to the NYT, “focused so much on privacy they created the information vacuum that resulted in all this white noise and nonsense.”

Catherine silenced the noise.

Communication vacuums

A communication vacuum happens when a gap is allowed between what a person thinks others know and what they actually know.

Ed Pike writes in Leadership Wizdom, “Leaving a vacuum in communication invites your team to fill it with their worst possible nightmares or scenarios. Every nuance that you did not realize that you had made can be converted into a skyscraper sized monster.”

How to handle business communication vacuums

1️⃣  Be aware ➜  As leaders you must be proactive about how you communicate information. Are you leaving gaps?

2️⃣  Be timely ➜  Consider if you can pre-empt and get ahead of the storm. Tell what you know, and what you DON’T know – along with when you hope to share more info.

3️⃣  Be transparent ➜ Why? Uncertainty paralyzes your team and their performance. Fill the vacuum with as much info as you can to give your team predictability and a feeling of control.

With eloquence and gravitas Catherine, Princess of Wales, cleaned up the “dirt” in this vacuum frenzy.


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