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Relatively Speaking from my Einstein Corner

by | Aug 16, 2022

You ask me, “Karen – how are you related to Albert Einstein?”

I ask you, “Do you have any cousins? If so, you may have cousins you don’t know, cousins you know and don’t like (!), or maybe even cousins that are dear friends. Think about that last category…”

Einstein and my grandmother Lina were cousins that enjoyed a lifelong friendship and their letters across time show their humor, mutual affection and positive outlook on life.

Thank you Linda Swindling for suggesting that I add this Einstein Corner to my posts and newsletters. From time to time I’ll share some of Einstein’s comments to Lina and my family that have relevance to you.

Late in Einstein’s life in a long letter to Lina he writes,

“About politics to be sure I still get dutifully angry but I do not bat with my wings anymore but ruffle only the feathers.”

In my Einstein keynote “Albert Einstein: A Relative’s Theory on Handling Life’s Craziness”, I share this quote.

Relevance to you

No, I’m not focusing on how you, as a leader, communicate to your organization about politics.

The beauty of this quote revolves around the bird metaphor. In business, every day, you face challenges. Einstein gives you a guide on how to tackle the crazy stuff. And I’ll add one more option to his analogy.

  • You can “bat with your wings” – face an issue full throttle.
  • You can “ruffle only the feathers” – approach your situation with moderation.
  • OR you can “sit on your perch” – to think, strategize and visualize your outcome.

Relatively speaking

All three of these options work, and even a combination of these choices. It depends on your timing and situation.

Einstein closes every letter to my grandmother Lina with, “Heartfelt greetings”.

Heartfelt greetings to you, my blog readers, for your support of Speak For Yourself®.

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