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Quick How-To Communication Tips in Pandemic or “Normal” Times

by | Apr 21, 2020

How-To: Lead With Your Need

  • Don’t begin by saying, “With abundant caution” or “In these unprecedented times”. You are drowning out your real message. Please. We know this already.
  • Begin your emails with what you really need the reader/listener to know or do.
  • Keep it short and get to your call-to-action.

How-To: Look Good on Zoom

  • Use the “touch up my appearance” tool to soften the focus and give your skin a smoother look. You’ll find it in ‘Settings > Video’.
  • Be “front lit” (light in front of you) and NOT “back lit” (light shining in behind you).
  • Don’t have a distracting background.

How-To: Get Heard Above the Noise

  • Write short and descriptive Subject Lines on email. “Summary of 30-min call w legal team”
  • Ask facilitative questions when leading zoom calls that include time limits. “In three minutes give us the top two data points on deliverables.”
  • Share your info using good analogies, examples and stories. Compelling communication is never just about the data.

Send us your Communication How-To Tips! What’s working for you during this Stay At Home time?

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