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Presentation Skills Training

Call us! Speak For Yourself® will customize our message to meet your company’s needs or your association’s conference.

Speak to Win: How to Give a Great Business Presentation

Want to persuade, teach, and inspire? It’s all in how you communicate.

The goal of this fun and high-content workshop is to build your confidence and credibility whenever you open your mouth. You will walk away with little tricks that have big payoffs in building trust, rapport and buy-in.

Topics included will be communicating the right message, channeling anxiety, and having more fun delivering your info while ensuring your audience has a higher rate of retention of what you’ve said.

The interactive component will depend upon the number of attendees and length of the workshop.

Benefits for Attendees

  • Organizing your message
  • Channeling your nerves
  • Craft better stories about your brand
  • Using visuals wisely
  • Communicating your message whether talking to 1 or 1000
  • Keeping the audience/customer/prospect involved
  • Getting your point across – the nonverbal messages
  • Answering and fielding questions
  • Using gestures…the do’s and don’ts.
  • Meeting the needs of various audiences
  • Handling impromptu remarks
  • Making a great first impression
  • Not throwing up during your million-dollar presentation


  • Rules on telling great stories that sell you and your brand
  • How to add your own personal humor
  • Limited attendance workshops with videotaping
  • Executive 1:1 communication consulting

NOTE: in any setting Karen & other SFY associates guarantee:

  • No talking at you
  • No embarrassing moments

Speak For Yourself® Learning Tools

  • Speak For Yourself® 25+ page Workbook pdf or hard copy (for 1:1 clients)
  • Speak For Yourself® interactive pdf or hard copy handout (for client presentations)
  • The Naked Truth about Giving Great Speeches authored by Karen Cortell Reisman
  • The Naked Truth about Selling authored by Karen Cortell Reisman
  • SFY Summary Card your participants will place in their wallets next to their phone

We gained a lot of market share back and then some…

Bruce West, Jr., Owner of Supre, Inc.

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