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Pics from Karen’s recent presentations for the Texas Dental Association’s Annual Session.

by | May 10, 2012


Karen with Dr. William McCoy – Session Host for my “Letters From Einstein” keynote

Dr. Marc Gainor, D.M.D. — who attended my presentation: “What Did the Doctor Say?” – How To Really Get Your Message Across! Thank you for spending time with my great group.

Dr. Robert Edwab — Executive Director of the Greater New York Dental Meeting — thanks for always making me laugh!

My fantastic Session Host — Kacy Spivack. She hosted both of my half-day presentations: “The Naked Truth about S.E.X. – Skills that Elevate Your X Factor” and “What Did the Doctor Say?” – How to Really Get Your Message Across”.

Just before my keynote: “Letters From Einstein.” Thank you to Marc Rogers (pictured here) — the fabulous Customer Solutions Manager for AVMG – Audio Visual wizards that make everything work for a speaker!

My husband, Jimmy (on the left) and Dr. Wayne McIntyre (on my right) at the TX Dental Association dinner honoring TDA leaders.

Thank you to Dr. Frank Higginbottam – the Chair of this Annual Session of the Texas Dental Association. It is such a pleasure to work with you. He deserves to look this happy. Job well done.




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