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One Word You Never Want to Use

by | Aug 17, 2021 | 3 comments

You use this word all the time.

You err every time you use this word.

This word causes problems for you and your business.

You have heard me write and say, “Our most favorite word is ‘trust’ and our least favorite word is ‘assume’”.

Never assume your audience remembers all that you say. Never assume your pitch resonates with everyone. Never even assume everyone receives your emails.

But making assumptions now goes deeper.

According to Dr. Shirley Davis, CSP, SHRM-SCP, assumptions lead to blind spots, and blind spots lead to unconscious bias… which has impact on the way you lead, communicate and make decisions.

Dr. Davis asks, “Which biases are yours?” She suggests these categories: Height, Name, Race, Personality, Appearance, Accent, Education, Skin Tone, Weight, Hand Dominance, Religion, Class, Sexual Orientation, or Age.

In all these categories you might have an unconscious opinion (negative or positive) developed early in life and strengthened over time.

Dr. Davis’ Strategies for Minimizing Implicit Bias

  • Acknowledge that we all have implicit biases.
  • Practice intellectual humility – “recognize you may be wrong, and be willing to turn some of your exclamation points into question marks.”
  • Become more culturally aware.
  • Expand your network and expose yourself to “others”.

As a leader in your business you make decisions that affect your team and company strategy. Watch for your assumptions – blind spots – unconscious biases. Communicate with mindfulness.

Source: www.drshirleydavis.com

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  1. Michael

    I definitely have a bias for people that are 5′ 8″ tall.
    I am trying to work on this with my therapist.

  2. Stevelpaso

    I always assume I will learn something from your blogs. 🙂

    • Karen Cortell Reisman

      Steve – thank you! I love my blog readers and appreciate your feedback.


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