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One Word You Need to Lose & One Word You Need to Use

by | Jan 28, 2020

Scroll through a few recent emails you’ve sent. What’s the first word in your first sentence of each email?

“I look forward to working with you next week.” Or “I need information on …”

Recall a conversation you had yesterday with your team. What’s the first word you said?

“I saw the trends and I believe we are on the right track.”

Think about how you begin a presentation. What’s the first word you say?

“I have been asked to present the 2020 forecast regarding…”

Lose the word “I” along with its cousins “me” and “my”.

Start your email with: “Your website is impressive and our meeting next week will review…”

Start your conversation with: “Your team is on the right track. The trends look strong.”

Begin your presentation with: “You have done rock star work in this sales department. The forecast for 2020 is on point.”

Gain the word “you” along with its cousin “your”.

“I” is self-centric. “You” is other-centric and inclusive.

You can’t avoid using the word “I” – but don’t start with this word.

Your reader, your audience, your colleague at your steak dinner will engage MORE with you if you structure your messaging around them.

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