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Your Clue to Great Email Openers

by | Dec 22, 2020 | 2 comments

You’re wasting crucial digital real estate with weak email openers. You can do better.

Your one clue: Don’t state the obvious. Especially in your first sentence.

You’re thinking, “That IS obvious. Why would I start an email with info my audience already knows? I don’t do this.”

But, you do.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, the president of a small business, or writing your annual holiday letter to friends/family/clients … you’re starting your emails with this:

“It’s been a challenging year.”

Can’t argue with that sentiment, but is this Non-Newsflash the way you want to gain your audiences’ attention? Hint: you’re NOT. Our finger is itching to smash the Delete Key before we even read your second not original line, “To be honest, this hasn’t been the year we had planned.”*

Your one BONUS CLUE: Start your emails with the word “You” or “Your” and make your info about your reader.

With abundant caution, during these unprecedented times: #SpeakForYourself urges you to stop stating the obvious and the overdone.

You can do better.

*Source: we won’t reveal it! This sentence is verbatim from a city-wide newsletter we received yesterday.

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  1. Michael Gallant

    How’s this?
    “You may have won $1,000,000” or

    “You are in correspondence with a Nigerian Prince in need of help”
    “You may be one of the finest human beings ALIVE”

    Love you, Karen. See/Hear you New Year”s Eve. (Looking forward to your wonderful dessert.)

    • Karen Cortell Reisman

      At first glance my heart sank realizing our blog was now receiving Classic Spam…. and then…. I read on! YOU are clever and I appreciate your comments above! KCR

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