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Obama vs. Romney – Round One

by | Oct 12, 2012

Last week, the Presidential debates proved the importance of having a confident tone.

Both candidates arrived at the debates equipped with bold plans, studies to back their claims, and examples to illustrate facts in a relatable way. Neither candidate spent precious time bashing his opponent; instead they focused their remarks on the issues and their policy plans.

While President Obama is known for his superior speaking ability, Romney’s tone elevated him above the world leader. The President was subdued and cautious; Romney’s tone exuded purpose and belief in his own ideas. The difference in tone created the effect of Romney on the offensive, with President Obama defending his past actions.

An audience instinctively believes the speaker who believes in himself and his ideas. Speaking without hesitation, regardless of fear, makes for a convincing message. While a confident tone alone cannot win a debate or succeed in a sales pitch, it does arm the speaker with a strong weapon in one’s communication arsenal.


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