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Miracle Blade® Style: 7 Tips to Make a Great Sales Pitch

by | Oct 26, 2011

Or, how I ended up paying $39.95 for a set of 9 knives and pair of scissors I didn’t need from the Miracle Blade® salesman at the Texas State Fair.

Karen Cortell Reisman with her Miracle Blade purchase

My new Miracle Blade Knife

The tactics he used are equally applicable to any sale:

1. Establish Credibility & Authenticity :This salesman offered a lifetime guarantee complete with a warranty – all in the first 10 seconds.

2. Keep It Short: Understanding one’s attention span is the size of a peanut, his entire sales presentation lasted only 3 minutes.

3. Use Props Carefully : I was mesmerized by his slicing and dicing but he kept our focus on the quality of the knives throughout his demonstrations. By throwing the orange slices away and keeping his counter clean, there were no distractions to take away from the knives.

4.  Give Something For Free: Despite spending my $39.95, since four steak knives and the pair of scissors were free, I walked away feeling as if I had received a gift.

5.  Sell Emotion:  The Miracle Blade salesman wasn’t selling just knives, he was promoting good health. Chopping tomatoes and onions instead of chocolate, convinced us if we ate home more often we’d lose weight and be happier.

6. Have Fun & Show Passion For What You Do: Despite giving this pitch many times daily, his demeanor, delivery and smile told us he was enjoying what he did. *Key take-away: Perception is reality*

7. Exceed Expectations:  Provide added value your prospect can see. In fact, the price for the knives was a value – something repeated for us constantly during the sales pitch.




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