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Marketing to Make Money

by | Aug 14, 2012


“Don’t think of the market, think as the market,” says Michael Fishman, a leading marketing strategist.

Here are some of his tips:

– 1) Use words at the 8th grade level—if you use words that are too big or complicated, your audience can feel excluded or dumb.

– 2) Eliminate jargon that people in your business understand but the audience may be unfamiliar with.

– 3) Avoid words that can trigger negative associations. For example, saying teach/learn can trigger memories for people who had bad experiences in school and make them feel inadequate for your service. Instead, use phrases such as “sharing information” which is something 100% of people can understand and feel safe with.

Through careful word choice you can not only explain what you can do for your customer, but you can also make the customer feel heard and understood.


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