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How To Be a Better Listener – Part Two

by | Aug 1, 2017

In our first blog on listening skills, Melissa Daimler, head of the Global Learning & Organizational Development team @Twitter, discusses three levels of listening and three listening tips recently reported in Harvard’s Business Review.

In just four words, here is your next Speak For Yourself® “How To Be a Better Listener” Tool:

Open mind. Shut mouth.

You encounter differing opinions all day, every day – at work, in the news, and at the gym when you respond to your trainer, “You expect me to do 25 squats with those weights?”

Open mind. Shut mouth.

Often you do a good job of staying quiet, physically. But are you staying quiet mentally? Even if you manage NOT to interrupt or start pontificating before the other guy is ready for your interaction, you have not maintained an open mind. Your mind is busy – you’re thinking about your own opinion, your next meeting, your flight to Europe later in the day.

To really listen effectively, keep an open mind while keeping your mouth shut.

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