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Leadership Skills Training

Accelerating Executive-Level Performance

Our Goal for Your Organization

Improve your People and Culture.

Deliver lasting results in Productivity, Innovation & Financial Performance.

Your Outcome

  • Increased number of product, process, & service innovations implemented by participants
    Higher percentage of projects completed at improved rates based on deadlines, accuracy, and budget
  • Higher individual performance ratings — for your leaders and their direct reports
  • Higher leadership practices scores
  • Higher sales & fundraising (if applicable)
  • Stronger innovation
  • Better people retention
  • Increased sustainability


Professional-Quality People Assessments

  • Proven systems like Checkpoint 360®, ProfileXT®, and Everything DiSC® will be used. We are certified experts in a variety of objective data tools to help you make great people decisions. These tools include basic personality tests, leadership development tools, professional hiring & development evaluations plus team feedback and multi-rater feedback.
  • From individual & team surveys, to job fit hiring evaluations, we can help you find the tools you need to make great people decisions across your organization.

Leadership Experiences

  • The job of the leader is to get results. To get better, leaders must understand both their actions, and beliefs drive good and bad leadership practices.
  • Our Leadership Experiences go “below the surface” to help leaders get better at creating an environment that achieves winning results.
  • There will be periodic and objective measurement & development of leadership beliefs, practices, actions and results.

Team Development & Facilitation

  • From problem-solving a critical business process, to executive strategy retreats, we work with you to design and facilitate session(s) that add real value for your people, and help you achieve your business objectives.
  • Our primary objective is that this training be remembered as a “difference maker” in your business.

Using any or all of these services you will learn how to:

  • Make observable and lasting improvements in leadership practices and behaviors
  • Increase awareness and utilization of the unique strengths & “watchouts” of each leader — and equip them to leverage strengths of others
  • Achieve improved results that flow from more productive leadership
  • Foster productive and enjoyable collaboration & alignment
  • Be champions for more proactive and disciplined leadership development

Our Philosophy

Requiring leaders to engage in regular and focused leadership development not only results in better leaders — it ALSO sets the expectation that EVERYONE in the organization has room for Improvement.

“You’re already Good. Are you Good Enough to Get Better?”

Background on Your Facilitator — Chris Price

Chris Price has had vast experience with a variety of For-Profit and Not-for-Profit organizations to implement proven assessment & development solutions — producing higher sales & fundraising, stronger innovation, better people retention, and increased sustainability.

Chris holds expert certifications in a variety of Hiring, Coaching, Development, and Planning assessment tools.

With extensive multi-national experience, Chris has led and educated leadership teams in the United States, Britain, Scandinavia, West/East Europe, Russia and Asia. He deeply understands the challenges of people-intensive environments, and works with leaders to create and replicate cultures of excellence.

To Get Started:

Call (972) 490-8676 or email Info@SpeakForYourself.com to start creating a customized leadership skills program for your organization.

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