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Last Impressions are Lasting

by | Feb 21, 2013


You’ve heard the tip, “You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.” That’s true.

BUT you get a second chance to leave a lasting positive impression.

How do you exit from a meeting that has not gone smoothly, an interview where they pick the other team, a trial you’ve lost, or a reality show where you’ve been kicked off?

I’m a Project Runway fanatic, even though I don’t love reality shows. This one focuses on talented fashion designers and you get eliminated when your design falls short, and I’m not talking about your hemline. Heidi Klum “aufs” you when she says, “Auf Wiedersehen”… good-bye.

Cindy, who got auffed on Episode 3 of the current Season 11, gave me the inspiration for this blog. She shows grace, gratefulness, and poise even as she is sent to the workroom to clean out her locker.

Take a hint from Cindy. I’m sure Cindy is NOT excited to get the ax. But take the high road no matter what. Leave with grace.


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