Jeff Blackman, JD, CSP, CPAE

Do you go to your professional association meetings and just eat, sit, and talk with good friends?

I do that MO really well!

But, at a recent National Speakers Association Annual Convention I began chatting with a fellow speaker  that I’ve always admired but more from a distance. This professional, Jeff Blackman, is not only in the “Speaker Hall of Fame”, but he’s nice, engaging and funny. Over the course of that convention we hung out over breakfast each day and “networking” became “net-eating”, “net-sitting”, and “net-fun”.  Jeff asked to read my books and then he interviewed me for his Results Report – his monthly e-newsletter.

I recommend signing up for Jeff Blackman’s Results Report. It’s relevant, substantive & clever. Plus, this month includes an interview with me on how to communicate! Enjoy.

@BlackmanResults – Thanks for interviewing me!  Shoba.

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