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Intentional Attention: Tips for Leaders on Communicating

by | Jun 15, 2021

Your inbox has 179 unread emails. You’re headed to another strategy meeting. You need to go to the bathroom. Sound familiar? You’re multitasking AND your listeners are multitasking. How do you communicate to really capture the attention of others?

Our Attention Economy Requires Your Intentional Attention

To gain the attention of your tribe you need –

X-ray Vision. Without the benefit of an MRI machine … you, the speaker, need to know the pain, problems and best solutions for your audience. Know it, say it, believe it.

Sticky Messaging. A compelling conversation is never just about the data. Be intentional with your messaging. Can you use more stories? Can you add in metaphors? Can you provide examples?

Conversational GPS. Please get from Point A to Point B without taking us on a joy ride around the harbor. Yes – use stories, metaphors and examples that support your premise. Your challenge is to use Sticky Messaging that moves your topic in the “right” direction. You do not want to go down tangent lanes.

Eclipse Monitoring. You don’t want to block the light, like the moon blocking the sun. To warrant others’ attentions means giving others your undivided attention. AKA – active listening. Hardest communication skill ever. What makes you focus the best, given the distractions from your Apple Watch and your beeping/vibrating mobile? My next blog will explore ways to stop blocking the light.

As a leader, communicating with intentional attention nets big rewards. If you want to learn more about creating ways to communicate that pay high dividends, add your comments here or contact me today to learn how I can share these concepts with you and your organization.

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