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Insights on Presidential Behavior

by | Nov 10, 2020 | 2 comments

You may be aware that we had a Presidential Election in America last week.

Rather than one more article on that race, let’s cover another presidential happening.

The President of the National Speakers Association (NSA) North TX Chapter asks me, “Karen – I’m putting together a President’s Book and wanted to add some thoughts from some of our past presidents. Can you [as a past president] add some insights that will be of help to our future presidents?”

I humbly submit a couple of insights to presidents of professional associations and to all C-Suite leaders —

I thought that the monthly board meetings would be… well … boring. I was surprised and pleased to realize that these 90-minute gatherings (yes – you CAN and should get everything done in 90 minutes or less) provide the chance to thank and honor board members for doing their respective jobs. The many upsides: recognition = praise = empowerment = continuing to do a great job = fabulous! Being President (or C-Suite leader) gives you the unique opportunity to empower others. Let’s face it – these job salaries working as a volunteer ain’t great!

I told our Board at our pre-year strategy retreat that I had two pet peeves:
1) Meetings that did not start/end on time.
2) “Reply All” emails when not needed.

I said, “Our meetings will start/end on time.” I added, “Please send any communal emails that do not specifically ask for a group response to me. I will then send out ONE email with the group tally response.”

You’d have thought I’d told them they’d won the lottery. As president it’s wise to respect your Board’s time – at meetings and at their computers.

Got additional insights? Send your blog comments below.

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  1. Michael

    It amazes me that you can find a topic on which to write, week after week.
    You are as prolific as you are smart.
    Keep it up.

    • Karen Cortell Reisman

      Michael – thank you so much for your comment and for being a loyal blog reader. Both are appreciated.

      FYI – writing this blog weekly forces you to observe with purpose – which then helps in topic development. This “observing with purpose” can assist all of us in creating more traction as a communicator. It helps with finding good stories, finding the humor (your forte) and finding relevance to the world around us.

      Continue to speak for yourself,


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