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How to Think On Your Feet – Use the Point-of-View Method

by | Oct 11, 2016

executive-communication-speaker-and-coach-karen-cortell-reisman-three-points-of-view-diceThinking On Your Feet Tip #6

Use the point-of-view method. Discuss your topic from various points of view; such as, your marketing department, your financial department, and your customers’ desires. Or, the point of view from your boss, your team, and your competitor. Or, on a personal front if you’re dealing with an aging parent, the point of view of the caretakers, the doctors, and the assisted living staff. Then give a summary sentence.

Example: “Blake, what’s the status on rolling out the new brand initiative for our Ford 250 trucks?”

“Jane – the marketing department wants to do a few more focus groups. The finance team projects the cost to be in line with our budget. And our sales team can’t wait to see this new brand in action. We see the new brand rolling out next quarter.”

In this Ford 250 brand rollout example Jane has answered the question using the point of view from Marketing, Finance and Sales departments. It’s clearly articulated with a great chance of message retention.

Your Speak For Yourself® Challenge: Use the Point-of-View method to get your message(s) across.

Stay tuned for one more blog with specific tips on how to sound organized when you’re thinking on your feet.

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