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How to Think On Your Feet – Use the Geographic Model

by | Oct 4, 2016

Thinking On Your Feet Tip #5

State your reply using a geographic model. Depending on your subject, your thoughts might sound more organized if you categorize by state, region, or country. Examples include sales data, company growth comparisons, or expansion plans. Then give a summary sentence.

Example: “Jaime, what’s the latest on your express lane construction projects?”

“Sophia – In the United States we have three toll road projects in Austin, Texas, Charlotte, North Carolina and Athens, Georgia. In Europe we have expanded the express lanes in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain. Also, our construction highway project in Sydney, Australia centers around the airport. All in all, we are pleased… especially considering the conclusion of some other big projects.

In our example Jaime gives an overview geographically that we can see visually.

Your Speak For Yourself® Challenge: Use this Geographic Model within the next 24 hours to describe company growth. For example – How are your sales in the US —  northwest vs. northeast vs. southwest vs. southeast?

Stay tuned for two more blogs with specific tips on how to sound organized when you’re thinking on your feet.

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