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How to Tell a Story – Mistakes You DON’T Want to Make

by | Jun 14, 2016

We remember your stories and the points relevant to us (read Blog #1 in this series for rules around this concept – https://karencortellreisman.com/how-to-tell-a-story-part-one-in-a-series/ IF you don’t make these mistakes.

Storytelling Mistake #1: Telling too much info – TMI. Embrace your Inner-Editor.

Storytelling Mistake #2: Going down tangent lane. Details can and do add to your story, but ask yourself if these whole tangents move the story forward or get your listeners, and you, sidetracked.

Storytelling Mistake #3: Informing us, ahead of the story, that your story is funny. You might like to say, “This story is really funny….”. Let us make that decision.

Storytelling Mistake #4: Saying the wrong story for your audience. If no one in your audience is a parent, limit stories about parenthood. If no one in the room is an avid sports fan, be cautious about too many sports stories.

Storytelling Mistake #5: Making yourself the hero in all of your stories. Please. You’re not perfect. We don’t want to always here about your trips to Italy, meetings with other fancy CEOs, networking at the Oscars. Ok – sprinkle in your credibility (read my Brag Without Bragging blog – https://karencortellreisman.com/bragging-without-bragging/) but share personal stories that also humble you. How you screwed up and survived. NOW we can identify with you and want to keep listening to you.

More story telling tips to come.

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