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How To Tell a Story – 5 Places to Find Great Stories

by | Aug 17, 2016

Karen Cortell Reisman Executive Communication Speaker and Coach searching picHave you ever said, “You just can’t make this stuff up”? And then you share these better than fiction observations? That’s a story.

You have read in this blog series that stories make your message come alive. But where do you find these stories?

  1. Observe with purpose. Stories are everywhere. Don’t sleep walk through your routines. If you’re in the midst of carpooling your kids to soccer you will find funny stuff on the way to the practice field. If you’re standing around waiting for your delayed flight to commence you’ll find crazy stuff on the way to the runway. Just be aware.
  1. Ask “est” questions to your waiter, uber driver, colleagues. Examples: What’s the funniest incident that’s happened at your restaurant? Craziest, most special, stupidest, laziest … you will get a trove of great story material.
  1. Explore your turning points. See if these memories can make stories that have relevance to your listeners. My most significant turning point happened 16 years before I was born when my Jewish grandparents sent their three children out of Germany just ahead of WWII. Had they not shown such courage, strength and strategic thinking my mother would not have survived and I wouldn’t be alive. I use this story in the corporate environment when talking about leadership and communication.
  1. Read. You will find plenty of story material from reading books, newspapers, magazines, scientific studies, social media etc. Note: Don’t copy/plagiarize other people’s stories, but reading will enhance your knowledge and will be a springboard for your own thoughts.
  1. Listen. Your best place to find stories is to shut up and listen. Let the conversations, speeches, meetings and events around you trigger your own story ideas.

More story telling tips to come.

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