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How To Tell a Story – 3 Options of Where to Place Your Story(s)

by | Aug 2, 2016

Stories make your message stick. But, where are the best places to insert a story? Here are three options.

  1. Begin with a story. Don’t preview by saying, “I’m going to tell you a story that I can’t believe that happened to me…” Just start with your story.
  2. End with a story. This can be a brand new story, OR – wrap up using the story you started with. “Remember that incident when we lost consumer confidence? ….” You then conclude with “the rest of the story” – how consumer confidence was regained. This Bookend Approach is a call back that has a powerful effect on audience retention.
  3. Support your main points/categories/reasons with a story. Whatever you’re trying to convey, think about using a story to emphasize your points. You can even use the same story from a prior part of your speech – with additional information. Example: I might tell a story about Albert Einstein and my grandmother (they were cousins and life long friends). Later I might add to this story with other details from their visits together, or times he spent with my parents. NOTE: As you’ve read in this blog series, any story you tell has to be relevant to your audience and make a point. The Einstein story that I may weave through a speech does provide learning lessons for the audience.

Other blogs in this series have discussed story mechanics. With this entry – know that your stories are golden and can elevate the involvement of your listeners while making you more comfortable presenting your material. And, telling stories is easier than reciting just data.

More story telling tips to come. Off to Scotland!

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