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How to Speak Better? 3 Tips from our Favorite 2018 Super Bowl Commercial

by | Feb 6, 2018

A rabbi, a priest, an imam and a Buddhist monk walk into a car.  

No – this is not a set up for a joke. Yes – it’s part of our favorite Super Bowl commercial. Watch how Toyota sells trucks, the ’18 Olympic Games, and tolerance. You will feel good.

 Why is this commercial our pick? And what does this have to do with the way you communicate?

How To Speak Better Tip#1: BREVITY

In one minute (that’s just 60 seconds) this ad tells a clever and creative story with a clear call to action. The next time you speak to your Board of Directors, have a meeting with your top advisors, or present a sales pitch to a potential huge client – can you contain yourself?  Embrace your inner editor.

How To Speak Better Tip #2: EMOTION

This commercial makes you smile and think. Anytime you can add humor and emotion into your message you will become stickier. Note: you can make us laugh AND cry. If you go for the “heart” you must bring us back UP this emotional roller coaster. We can’t be left crying. Logic tells. Emotion sells.

How To Speak Better Tip #3: STORY

Within one minute this Toyota commercial told the entire story with a dash of relevance and poignancy.

The rabbi, priest, imam and Buddhist monk get into a Toyota truck in order to share an experience – a football game… and they’re all on the same side.

What’s the story of your organization? Practice it. Use it. Share it. 


Source: Chris Matyszczyk, www.inc.com

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