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What to Pack 🧳 – or NOT Pack – For Your Next Speech

by | Jun 8, 2021

Do you need some R & R after handling a year of Covid? When considering just that type of vacation I found the packing list for Canyon Ranch Spa.

This list is perfect… for a wellness retreat AND for your next speech.

The “What To Pack” list: The usual suspects. Pack shoes you can walk in and bring sunscreen.

The “What NOT To Pack” list: Great suggestions for a spa AND a speech.


Invisible baggage. Spa: “You know what that means. Try to leave ancient history and lingering feelings behind.”

What’s in your speech invisible rolling bag? A vivid memory of a past speech that did not go well? An experience in high school where you mispronounced “Corps” in an oral report and said “corpse”… and everyone laughed at you? This ancient history is not serving you well. Unpack now.

A to-do list. Spa: “Shift the focus from doing to being. Set aside the to-dos. A to-be list could include: Be open. Be mindful. Be content.”

What’s on your speech to-do list? Not a bad list to use and one chapter in my book is devoted to how to prep and what to bring for your presentations. However, I like the “to-be list” concept too. Do your “to-do’s” and then shift your focus. When you get to D-Day [Delivery Day] open your mind to become present, mindful and accepting.

Pre-set expectations. Spa: “The best thing you ever do may be something you haven’t yet done.”

What’s your pre-set expectations for your next speech? Dread, fear and misery? Often I talk my clients off that ledge. Skip these negative pre-set expectations. Replace with your new “to-be” list.

Your phone. Spa: “Experience life without constant interruptions. Use your phone for special, not constant, photos. Do yourself the favor of shutting off all news alerts. Unfriend your phone.”

What’s your phone routine before giving a speech? If you’re listening to great music that energizes you – go for it! BUT, if you’re reading/listening to news alerts – not helpful.


What you take and don’t take will be part of your experience, whether you’re headed to a speech, meeting or spa. Like the Canyon Ranch Spa espouses, “Embrace the experience with best intentions”.

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