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How To Make Money While Standing in Line to Buy a New iPhone

by | Oct 2, 2013

Or … The Classic Theory of Supply & Demand

You might think that buying an iPhone costs money. Not when you do what this brilliant teenager did.

He arrives at 3am to be first in line to buy the latest greatest iPhone. Just before the Apple Store opens, he sells his coveted spot in line for $600. Demand – high. Supply – Low. Equals high dollars.

He travels to the end of the long line and makes his way back to the front – selling his spot again for $200 – line is shorter now. Demand – moderate. Supply – moderate. Equals moderate dollars.

This kid knows that most people have no time. He also knows that the desire for the new gadget is in high demand.

Combine the two and he MAKES money while we spend ours.

What do YOU sell that’s high in demand and low in supply? And does your market know about your buzz surrounding your product/service?


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