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How to Handle 2.0 Virtual Zoom Glitches

by | Oct 20, 2020

Virtual computer dialogueYou’re getting pretty used to zoom etc. BUT – the odd mishap still happens. Here are ways to handle your 2.0 virtual zoom glitches.

Problem: You’re in a “smart” building and if you don’t move around the room senses no one is there and the lights shut off. So – your room goes dark in the middle of your seated virtual training program.

Solution: Move around more! If you’re facilitating a training it’s best to stand up anyway – you’ll have more energy. And, know your surroundings.

Problem: You’re running a zoom meeting and your Internet goes down.

Solution: Always assign a co-host. Text the co-host to take over till you get back online.

Problem: You share your screen and inadvertently you share a confidential document.

Solution: Close out all running applications before any virtual meeting.

Problem: Your voice sounds tinny.

Solution: Use an external mic and keep the mic as close to your mouth as possible without being seen on the screen.

Trevor Noah interviews Spike Lee virtually. Trevor asks, “Spike – can you please sit back a bit so we can get a better view of you?” Trevor laughs – realizing that he’s directing a movie director. IF Spike Lee needs a bit of guidance — then so do we.

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