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How To Give a Presentation – Part 1

by | Feb 17, 2015

executive speech coach - Karen Cortell Reisman - Steve Jobs presentationPart One – Your First Strategy on How to Give a Presentation

How to give a presentation Tip 1: Begin in the middle. Not the speech, but your design of your thoughts that will become your speech.

The myth is “it’s hard to give a speech.” The reality is “it’s hard to start a speech and it’s hard to end a speech.” Therefore, when you start to put your thoughts together – whether you’re doing a one million dollar pitch or you’re rallying your employees at your Tuesday Morning Coffee – answer these questions up front:

What’s your Statement of Purpose? Is your purpose to inform, persuade, entertain?

How long is your speech? This will help you design it.

Who is your audience? You MUST know this and customize your thoughts to meet the needs of that particular group.

What’s their ROI? What will they gain as a result of listening to YOU. If you don’t know this or tell them, you will lose their interest. Out comes their phone, or now, their Apple watch.

Stay tuned for my next several blogs on what to do next and where the above answers will be placed in your presentation.

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