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How to Give a Presentation – Part 9

by | Apr 21, 2015

Communication Speaker Executive Speech Coach Karen Reisman CONCLUSIONPart Nine: Your Ninth Strategy on How to Give a Presentation

“How to give a presentation” Tip 9: Start Your Conclusion with a Summary

Blog Tip #6, #7, and #8 focus on how you will rock your audience/listeners with your engaging introduction. Your ending is just as critical. The next three blogs will discuss how to close your message at your meeting/presentation/conversation.

Start your conclusion with a summary. Your three rules for your summary:

  1. Keep it SHORT.
  2. Keep it SIMPLE.
  3. Don’t add any new info.

Your message has had two to five main points. If you’ve been reading these blogs you know my favorite number is 3 and you will have presented three main points/reasons/ ideas in the “body” of your presentation.

Your summary is just a short and sweet wrap-up of these points. For example: “In summary, speak for yourself with substantive content, strategized organization, and a sassy delivery.”   OR   “All in all, as we consider purchasing this high-rise our team needs to be all on board about the equity, risk, and ROI.”   OR   “As we go forward with this IPO our goal is to maximize stock options, strengthen the DNA of the company, and establish the “IPO Mindset”.

Your summary – the first part of your conclusion – can be as short as one sentence. Note that this is not the place to insert any new material.

A so-so presentation can be saved by a great conclusion.

Stay tuned to additional blogs in this series on how to give a presentation and what to do next.

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