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How to Give a Presentation – Part 11

by | May 6, 2015

Executive Communication Speaker and Coach Karen Cortell Reisman bookends

Bookend Approach

Part Eleven: Your Eleventh Strategy on How to Give a Presentation

“How to give a presentation” Tip 10: Close with finesse

Your last item as you conclude your meeting/presentation/conversation (Blog Tips #9 and #10 detail the other two steps) is to end by making your listener(s) feel great for having listened to you and to wrap up your thoughts.

Two steps here:

  1. Thank them by NOT saying “thank you”! That’s been done… adnauseum. Your audience, whether on the phone, in a meeting, or in person, have given their most precious commodity to you – their time. It’s now time to thank them (in a more clever way) for this gift. Do so by complimenting them in a specific way. “You’ve had lots of choices on how to spend the last 30 minutes. I appreciate that you’ve given your attention to this situation.”
  2. End using the “Bookend Approach”. End where you began. Think of your introduction and your conclusion as bookends. If you started with a story, then recall this story in your wrap up. If you began with a quote, use another quote from the same person. If you began with a stunning stat – conclude with that info as it has related to your message.

Remember, a so-so presentation can be saved by a great conclusion.

Stay tuned to a few more blogs in this series on how to give a presentation and what to do next.

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