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How to Get Your Message Through to Millennials

by | Nov 8, 2016

executive-communication-speaker-and-coach-karen-cortell-reisman-digital-brainIn this special guest series, Brett Reisman presents ways to get your message through to millennials.

Millennials like me were raised in the digital age. It’s fast. The new currency of engagement is measured in likes, views, retweets, comments, and time spent on-site. Netflix and DVR castrated television. Print newspaper is quaint and romantic.

Millennials are tech-savvy. We spend significant amounts of ‘eye-ball time,’ the most valuable resource we have, engaging with content on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social media and web-based platforms.

In this socio-digital landscape, technology has empowered both content producers and content consumers to reach and react to a wider audience and range of media. The question becomes: How can I communicate with millennials in a way that cuts through the noise, generates positive engagement, and achieves a successful call to action?

Tune in next week for a deep-dive into the first strategy.

Brett Reisman

Brett Reisman

Brett Reisman works with media production agencies, digital marketing firms, and technology companies to develop organization’s communication and outreach strategies and build their businesses. Brett has a B.S. in Communications Studies with a concentration in rhetoric and political communications, and a B.A. in Asian Studies with an East Asia specialization.

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