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How to Get Your Message Through to Millennials: Authenticity is King

by | Dec 27, 2016


Authenticity is King

Bears have the best sense of smell of all terrestrial mammals. I want you to think of millennials like bears: they can smell bullshit from a mile away.

Keep your copy and your tone casual, conversational and authentic. It should follow naturally that your rhetoric is transparent and self-aware. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Avoid being overly cheesy.

More to come next week.

In this special guest series, Brett Reisman presents strategies on how to get your message through to millennials. 

Brett Reisman works with media production agencies, digital marketing firms, and technology companies to develop organization’s communication and outreach strategies and build their businesses. Brett has a B.S. in Communications Studies with a concentration in rhetoric and political communications, and a B.A. in Asian Studies with an East Asia specialization.

© Karen Cortell Reisman, M.S., author of 3 books and President of Speak For Yourself®, works with decision makers on how to speak with gravitas. It’s all in how you speak for yourself. Karen also speaks about her cousin, Albert Einstein, in a message about hope, resilience and brassieres.

Read more at www.SpeakForYourself.com/blog.

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