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How To Get Over the Fear of Public Speaking – talk to a dog!

by | Jan 3, 2017

You are in good company.

The New York Times printed the Most Read, Shared & Viewed Stories of 2016 recently and an article on overcoming the fear of public speaking hit the list.

That’s right – thousands of clicks on the issue of working through public speaking stage fright.

Titled “How to Give a Better Speech: Talk to a Dog” the NYT suggests you practice out loud to a dog. They’re nonjudgmental and cute.

You can read our blog series on conquering stage fright here.

How Do I Get Over the Fear of Public Speaking?

We recommend you practice out loud to a nice live person (not a mirror – you could be having a bad hair day). Now we will have to add in speaking to a dog. You will laugh at this 2-minute video.

Speaking to a dog video from New York Times

The key – practice out loud to a human being you like or a calm dog.

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