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The MUST “have to’s” on Delivering Virtual Presentations

by | Feb 2, 2021

Just because you’re virtual does not mean you have a completely new set of rules on how to design and present compelling presentations.

Classic Best Practices

  • Know the joy and pain of your audience and how you can exceed their expectations.
  • State your purpose and amount of time you’ll be talking.
  • Provide an ROI so your listeners know why your message is relevant.
  • Share your CTA (Call to Action) near the end – what the next steps are for you and your group
  • Begin with an engaging open.
  • End with a dynamic conclusion.
  • Use “Velcro” – the sticky stuff – to nail your 3 – 5 points. Velcro examples: stories, humor, metaphors, good visuals, examples and understandable stats.

New Basic Truths

  • Clarity: 30 minutes is the new hour. Keep your message length equivalent to the time constraints of your audience.
  • Micro-gestures are the new gestures: Your stage is now a screen showing mostly your upper body. (Recall your mom’s rules on good posture.)
  • Facial expression: Be congruent with your message and look “alive”.
  • Eye contact: No longer do you look into the eyes of others. You now look at the camera. HINT: put fun pics next to your camera.

Your Virtual Playbook

  • Credibility: What does your background say about you? HINT: Call us to critique with objectivity.
  • Delivery: If possible, stand up to deliver your message vs. sitting. Your audience will see more of you and your energy.
  • Variety: Vary your use of visuals, props, polls, breakouts, and group exercises.

What about Stage Fright?

  • Unfortunately – it’s still a thing. And we’ll give it this clever name: Virtual Stage Fright.
  • Follow the strategies we’ve talked about in previous blog articles.
  • HINT: Breathe, prepare, practice out loud, rehearse with technology (although your internet and tech always work in rehearsal!) and call us. We are ledge whisperers.

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