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How to Communicate during a Crisis? Super Bowl LV Gives Guidance

by | Jan 26, 2021 | 2 comments

Budweiser won’t place an ad for this 55th Super Bowl. Bud will spend the 5.5 million dollars (price of a 30-second commercial) on vaccine awareness.

What’s the right tone for advertising at this year’s Super Bowl?

What’s the right tone for you to set this year for your annual meeting or board strategy (virtual) retreat or monthly town hall?

Every year we review Super Bowl commercials and pick our favorite and explain how their storytelling strategy can be applied to your branding. But we wait till the game concludes!

This year  – how best do you communicate to your audience given the context that surrounds you, whether it’s a football game or your business?

In our ©SFY Presentation Blueprint we provide a step-by-step template on how to organize your thoughts. STEP NUMBER ONE is: write down everything you know about your audience. Find out the age range, gender mix, number of people in attendance, experience level, their pain point, their successes. You cannot ace your message until you know the pulse of your room.

Bingo to Budweiser. They, along with Coke, Hyundai and Pepsi, figured out a better way this year (although they ARE getting attention now…).

Our advice for Super Bowl 55 commercials

If you go serious – then back up your purpose-driven ad with social action or you’ll be negatively nailed on social media. If you go light – make us laugh while being able to recall the product.

Our advice for your upcoming company messaging

  • Know your audience
  • Embrace the context of the room
  • Don’t avoid humor – we still need to laugh.

Do you want to view serious or fun commercials at Super Bowl LV? Comment below.

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  1. Nancy Kaplan

    Love your insight AND your humor!

    • Karen Cortell Reisman

      Nancy – thanks! During any time – whether filled with stress or joy – humor helps… and makes your message stick.

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