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Your Engine & Caboose 🚂 Money-Makers

by | Jun 29, 2021

how to begin and end conversations to make more salesA client shared, “I get really aggravated with one of my Directors who always has a caboose comment.” “What’s that?”, I asked. He said, “His last sentence is grating. He’ll say, ‘I’ll believe it when I see it,’ or ‘The market can’t maintain this momentum much longer’, or ‘You look tired.’” My client chuckled (kind of) and remarked, “This Director ends every interaction on a sour note.”

How do you end a zoom meeting, or a conversation, or an email? In fact, how do you begin your interactions with others?

My client has me thinking about our engine and caboose financial opportunities.

Not to bash this analogy too much more (!), how do you want your train to enter and depart the station? Do you want to gain your buyer’s attention at the beginning? Do you want to end with the sale, or furthering your relationship?

Money-making ways to begin:

  • Begin with the word “You”. Ex: “You were great to contact our website for more information.”
  • Start with a quote, story or question – something compelling.
  • Ask them questions about them.
  • Don’t begin with a data dump about you or your company.

Strategic ways to close:

  • Give your listener a “call to action”. What are we supposed to do next now that we’ve read your email or heard your update? Ex: “Blog readers – become aware of your Engine and Caboose Opportunities!”
  • Say something positive. Ex: “Always great to catch up with you.”
  • Ask for the business.
  • Don’t end on a depressing note!

The way you begin and end your speeches, meetings, conversations and emails are critical! Call us to brainstorm about your “engines” and “cabooses” .

Source: Thanks @EstateLawyer for this blog’s inspiration.

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