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Do You Remember Your Second Kiss?

by | May 16, 2023

Karen and Jim wedding pic

Karen & Jim wedding pic!

Hard to recall your second kiss, your third car, or your fourth trip.

But you DO remember your first … kiss, car, fill in the blank.

That’s because it happened first!

To give a compelling presentation – have a killer opening.

Do NOT begin with, “Good morning. My name is Karen Cortell Reisman and I’m pleased to be here.”

Why? It’s boring. It’s predictable. It’s an invitation to your listeners to continue tapping on their phones.

Killer opening ideas: Tell a story, ask a question, share a memorable quote, provide a stunning statistic or get the audience involved in an ice breaker activity.

Begin your presentation this way:

  1. Walk to the lectern with confidence, energy, good posture, and a smile on your face.
  2. Stand at the lectern for 2-3 seconds without talking. While doing this you ➜
  3. Look at your listeners – varying your eye contact around the room.
  4. Start speaking without looking at your notes.
  5. Say something catchy like, “Do you remember your second kiss?”

What happens first gets remembered.

PS: Full disclosure regarding this pic: Our first kiss happened before our wedding!

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