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How To Attract Your Best Clients

by | Oct 30, 2018

“Can you describe your favorite client?” asked a prospect who just hired my company to do some executive communication coaching.

We get questions from potential clients about these aspects of our business: the What, How and How Much. But I’ve never been asked this question before. I was stumped!

She continued, “We want to know what types of clients you love to work with. That way, we can strive to be that type of client as we work together with you.”

Makes total sense.

As you deal with your teams, current clients and potential new relationships, answer that question: “What makes for a favorite client?” Have your SVPs do this with their groups as well.

When you describe your favorite client you have a better chance of attracting just that type of business.

Back to the prospect that asked this question. I replied, “Great question. You’ve thought about this, so let me turn that around and ask you.” (Note: you can’t do this maneuver all the time but it does buy you a few moments to think about what YOU want to say.)

They said, “First, we love clients who pay us on time, of course. Beyond that, we want to work with people who are decisive. We value clients who respect our creative process ….”

I then shared some characteristics of a desired client who would work with either one of our Speak For Yourself® Associates or me. Email me and I’ll share my list.

Not a surprise, this prospect turned into one of my all-time favorite clients.

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