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How to Ace a TV Interview & 1 Mistake NOT to Make!

by | Jun 16, 2020

i24 News, an Israeli international 24-hour news and current affairs television program, interviewed me last week about personal stories regarding Albert Einstein, a family cousin. This particular show airs in French.

Good news: We pre-discussed the questions she would ask.

Cautionary news: During the taping, the host of the show remained unseen on my zoom screen and I was unprepared for this! YOU will see Valerie Perez, the bright and upbeat host and me on the video; but, during the taping, the screen just showed a black box with the name of someone else in that box! Try spotting my initial confusion.

5 Tips to Ace a TV or any type of Interview: 

1. Know the time limit.
2. Get the questions ahead of time (this is so helpful and especially so with language translations going on for each question).
3. Ask the host, ahead of the event, what would make this interview of great value to them – and do what they want!
4. Get there early whether it’s virtual or in-person.
5. Do your homework on their format and their audience.

1 Mistake NOT to Make:

Find out the exact production parameters. Ask these type of questions ahead of time!

Take aways for you: do your homework on what you will be asked, provide value for them, and figure out how their production team will film the taping.

You’ll enjoy this interview if you speak and understand French! But do click on it to find out how to ace an interview (watch the host) and mistakes not to make (watch me… especially at the start).

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