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How Do You Show Confidence? And how you and I are flunking this one important tactic

by | Apr 12, 2016

Karen Cortell Reisman Executive Communication Speaker and Coach postureAnswer: Posture. Why? You are a victim of iHunch. We all are.

What’s iHunch? Your curled upper back posture due to looking at, reading, scrolling, texting, and emailing on your various small-ish handheld phones/tablets/watches.

Technology is transforming how we hold ourselves, contorting our bodies into what the New Zealand physiotherapist Steve August calls the iHunch as reported in the New York Times on 12/12/15.

The communication ramification from our iHunch: the slouchy, collapsed position we take when using our phones makes us look less assertive — less likely to stand up for ourselves when the situation calls for it. (Source: preliminary findings from a study by Amy Cuddy, professor at Harvard Business School, and Maarten W. Bos). Plus their study is showing that slouching can alter your mood in a downward cylce.

The smaller the device, the more you hunch, and the more unassertive and mousy you appear and perhaps become.

Cure: NOT giving up your phone. That’s impossible. BUT – look at your phone at eye level, straighten your back, keep your head up and your shoulders back.

Amy Cuddy says, “Your physical posture sculpts your psychological posture.”

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