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Lessons From Improv on Stage Fright

by | May 25, 2021

You are not alone if you fear public speaking. We have worked with hundreds of clients on this issue and I’ve blogged about ways to use performance anxiety to your advantage.

Today I bring you some tips on controlling stage fright from the world of Improv Comedy. Several years ago I took a series of classes to learn and practice improv. Here are some practical tips you can use taken verbatim from our Improv teacher.

– Dress nice and be sober.

– Do not worry about not being good enough at something to try it on stage. You will not get better at it without practice. Besides, you are better at it than you think. Yes, I know that is schmaltzy, but it is also true.

– You need to be in our room by 6:30. That will give everyone enough time to get settled and then warm-up.

Translation to you:

  • Your appearance counts. Wear something that makes you feel great.
  • Your comfort increases with practice and preparation.
  • Your anxiety will decrease if you get “there” early and do your warm-up routine.
  • Your top shelf margarita on the rocks with salt can wait till AFTER your million dollar presentation.

Next week: More Improv tips on telling your compelling story.

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