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How Do You Keep Virtual Audiences Involved?

by | Mar 25, 2020

Don’t lie. You have multitasked during a WebEX, Zoom or Skype meeting.

65% of the time you are NOT engaged during that virtual meeting.

In fact, you look forward to these virtual meetings so that you can clear out your various e-inboxes.

Here is how to keep your virtual audiences from clicking on all those enticing distractions.

  • Keep slides simple.
  • Use names to keep people engaged.
  • Ask questions & acknowledge (with names) to stay engaged.
  • Summarize / paraphrase.
  • Respond to the chats.
  • Tell good stories.
  • Engage by saying “you” vs. “everyone”.
  • Stand & deliver your message (if you can) as if you’re “live”.

Good luck on your meetings as the world goes virtual.

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