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How Do You Interview Effectively?

by | May 20, 2014

“How do you get people to open up in interviews?”       Karen Cortell Reisman Communication Expert Oprah Winfrey photo

Oprah Winfrey replies (in a recent article), “My secret to being in sync with the person is to ask, ‘What do you want to accomplish by the time we finish?’ Then they realize I’m not out to get them.”

Really this blog should be titled, “How Do You Interview/Win Business/ Give a GREAT Presentation/ Maintain Client Relationships/ Stay Successful Effectively?

Oprah’s answer applies to EVERY business situation from your first prospect interaction to giving a killer speech to creating lasting business relationships.

It’s all about

  • Being in sync with your listener(s)
  • Finding out what your listener(s) want to accomplish

It’s NOT about

  • YOU
  • Your agenda
  • Your desired outcomes

First: Find out what they want. What will make your time together successful for them.

Second: Keep your interview, speech, conversation, consulting, meeting, pitch, whatever – all about their goals.

Your joint outcome: Continued success with an audience that will open up to you. Just follow Oprah’s lead.


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