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How Do You Get Rid of Verbal Clutter?

by | Aug 27, 2019

Stop talking about the Illy Family!

Honestly, I hate the Illy Family. Literally you hear the Illy Family talking all the time. Basically the Illy Family negates what you’re saying. Actually, you are hearing the Illy Family right now.

Meet the Illy Family: Honestly, Basically, Literally, and Actually.

Using these “illy” words diminish your messages whether you use them in a presentation, on PowerPoint, or in an email.

If you ask me whom I like the least in the Illy Family it’s “HONESTLY”. Think about it. Every time you say “honestly” I want to ask you, “Is everything else you’re saying not true?”

“LITERALLY” is a close runner-up on my negative verbal clutter list. You use this word to emphasize a strong feeling of accuracy. But 99% of the time your use of this word is inaccurate. Ex: “I was literally blown away by the response I got.” NO – let’s hope you were NOT blown away.

“BASICALLY” and “ACTUALLY” are filler words that you might not even be aware that you are using. Some of my clients start every sentence with “basically” and/or “actually”. Both words add nothing to your message.

How do you get rid of the Illy Family?

  • Listen with purpose to others. Start recognizing these words when others use them.
  • Listen with purpose to yourself. Become aware of your own use of these words.
  • Stop using these words on email.
  • Start here: avoid these words when in casual conversation with others. Then work on omitting them in your professional environment.

You will increase the power of your words by decreasing the use of these powerless words.

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