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How Do You Communicate More Accurately?

by | May 4, 2021

When was the last time you could not find your phone? (about 10 minutes ago when I started writing this blog)

When did you ask yourself, “Did I lock the car?” (a couple of days ago when I went grocery shopping)

When did you wonder, “Did I RSVP to that zoom event?” (let me check past emails…I’ll get back to you)

Autopilot vs. Observational Awareness

You are not going nuts (nor am I!). Experts say you don’t recall doing these day-to-day tasks because you do them on autopilot while multi-tasking.

Conversely, Observational Awareness means being present, mindful and focused on what you’re doing.

How increasing Your Observational Awareness Can Improve Your Communication Skills

Do you think you also put your communication skills on autopilot while multi-tasking? Do a quick check – how much do you remember about yesterday’s conversations with your Project Managers/board members/spouse/kids?

Ways to Increase your communication Observational Awareness:

  • Listen more than you talk
  • Ask questions
  • Be mindful
  • Stay focused – try not to multi-task
  • Take notes if possible – or add the info later on whatever system works for you

Benefits of heightened Observational Awareness:

  • Saves you time
  • Increases your knowledge of others
  • Creates a more accurate picture of shared comprehension
  • Heightens your ability to understand the communication nuances – what’s really going on

The fact that you communicate digitally, informally, and maybe even formally every day means that you might be on autopilot.

Your homework:

  • Be more observationally aware of what you are saying and what you are hearing.
  • AND try to remember where you put your phone.

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