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How Do You Add Humor to Your Presentations?

by | May 2, 2017

Q: Why do you want to add humor to your presentations? NOTE: “presentations” = formal and informal communication.

A: Humor adds stickability, approachability, and fun. You will decrease tension, if there is some friction; you will get remembered and your listeners will want to continue giving you their attention.

This sketch from Saturday Night Live makes me laugh, and I mean laugh to the point of tears. It’s the inspiration for today’s blog.

Q: What does this SNL sketch have to do with business type communicating?

A: This sketch shows –

  • Using physicality can add humor to the way you communicate
  • Incorporating the power of “improv” – staying “in the moment”
  • Reading signals as you communicate. In this scene, Jimmy Fallon and Mikey Day, take advantage of the goofy stuff that happens and they go with it.

Q: How can you apply these techniques when you’re not a comedienne?

A: Take your work and your business seriously. Take yourself less seriously. Find the humor and use it.

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