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Good vs. Evil: Be the Good in Your Business

by | Jun 24, 2011

Although it’s been almost two weeks since the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA Championship title, Dallas is still abuzz with the news. The big story of The Finals, beyond LeBron James falling short, was the overlying theme of “Good vs. Evil” that the media indulged in. The Mavericks, the good guys, were the underdogs that rose above adversity and conquered the villains, the Miami Heat. Through it all, however, they displayed confidence, togetherness, and humility.

While the entire Mavericks squad put forth focus and team-centered values that helped them avoid controversy throughout the playoffs, Dirk Nowitzki was the shining star. He has always claimed that he had no interest in endorsement deals and celebrity status- that he just wanted to play basketball- and that all became clear this year.

After thirteen years in the league, Nowitzki evolved from a Dallas icon to a worldwide phenomenon. He continually acknowledged what he had done to help his team win without arrogance or entitlement. This was the crucial difference between Dirk and LeBron James.

Nowitzki has become a beloved player around the league, and around the world because of his dedication the game and ability to keep a realistic perspective about it all. In the Summer of 2010, we watched LeBron James make “The Decision” to go the Miami Heat, yelling and taunting the whole way there about all of the championships he would win. Not this year. This year, the good guys won.

In your own personal and business life, take a page out of Nowitzki’s playbook. Humility goes much further than entitlement. Be proud of your accomplishments, but always respect that you can’t do it alone. See the big picture, and the people involved in it, and bring a championship to your business.


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