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Four Must-Haves to Communicate Trust

by | Feb 5, 2019

People do business with people they know, like and trust.

Two previous blogs, Volkswagen Beetle Rule for Making More Money, and A 10-word Sentence that will Transform Your Business, focus on the first eight words of this transformative sentence.

To lead your organization, gain more traction with your board, or increase your shares in your market space – you MUST embrace the last two words of that sentence as well: “and trust”.

Trust. The bottom line for sustaining long term business relationships.

Here’s how to communicate trust:

Knowledge. Your team, prospects, and board of directors need to know that you know. You share your knowledge through the way you communicate.

Attitude. You do not need to be an extroverted cheerleader. You can be an introvert and be a strong communicator that creates a trusting environment. What you must do: show that you care through your words and with your actions.

Confidence. Your confidence shows up with your nonverbal behavior. Have effective eye contact. Stand tall. Sit tall. Smile. Don’t fidget. Give strong handshakes. Wear attire that fits the occasion.

Integrity. The definition of integrity: “being honest and having strong moral principles.” You communicate integrity by holding yourself to a consistent set of values/standards. You show up on time. You “do the right thing” even when no one is looking. You are dependable. You respect others and you respect yourself.

All four of these Trust Factors need to work in tandem in order to communicate trust. You can be confident, have a passionate attitude, and prove your integrity; but you lack knowledge. End game – no trust. Similarly, you have knowledge, positive attitude and confidence; but no integrity. End game – no trust.

Your Speak For Yourself® Challenge: You get the picture. Incorporate all four factors = high Trust Factor.

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