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Finding Everyday Humor

by | Aug 26, 2011

By Arin Forstenzer

All of a sudden, when doing my daily news catch up on Twitter, I saw about five tweets saying something similar to “Was that just an earthquake?” or “Earthquake in NYC!”

I immediately called and texted my family and friends—the majority of whom live in New York, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. Once everyone had responded they were ok, I relaxed but continued to follow the news coverage

A new tweet popped up about fifteen minutes later—“First images of the D.C. earthquake devastation.” I  instantly panicked, thinking new information had been released from areas CNN had not heard from  earlier. But when I clicked the link the image below came on the screen.

I, like millions of others, shared this image with many of my friends who all laughed when they saw this.

While Karen was practicing for a speech the other day, she mentioned the idea of finding humor in our everyday lives. The original photographer clearly accomplished this, and was able to share it with the  online world.

Many other humorous articles and images came out over the course of the following hours, but this image  in particular had me, my friends, and apparently my mother’s entire office cracking up, forgetting about any  fear that had consumed them just hours before.

Finding the humor in the world around you not only makes life more enjoyable, but can allow you to engage with more people in a positive light. Earthquakes are serious, but taking ourselves a little less seriously adds joy to your day.


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