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Expect the Unexpected

by | Aug 2, 2022 | 2 comments

Stuff happens… as a speaker, leader, and ranch owner. It’s all about damage control.

Jimmy, my Handsome Cowboy Husband, finds this snake last week at our ranch. Did I hear you say “amen” that I am NOT the discoverer? 😱

The best thing I never wanted

For over a decade this confirmed urban girl has loved our ranch, 100 miles west of Dallas, as a weekend getaway. I work with clients, do strategic retreats and hang out with family and friends. But that does not include snakes.

Where are your snakes?

Speaker snakebites & remedies

Technology:  No matter how your computer, ppt, house sound, videos and mic work during your pre-show run, tech problems can bite you. In fact, one time someone stole my computer during a break.

Tech Remedies: 1) bring a backup on a thumb drive 2) be able to speak without ppt (often a better approach anyway) and 3) always appreciate and become buddies with your A/V team.

Logistics: Ever show up at the wrong hotel, wrong date, or even the wrong city for your gig? This all happened recently (!) but, fortunately, not to me. Virtually … Wi-Fi issues, lighting, and background distractions can rattle you.

Logistic Remedies: 1) double check all the logistic details 2) get to the venue early 3) do an online rehearsal for virtual events.

Current events: Ummm… the pandemic, for starters. Travel nightmares. Weather fluctuations.

Current events Remedies: Be flexible. Find the humor. Add in more time for travel.

Business leader snakebites & solutions: stay tuned for my next post.

What happened to the snake?

#HandsomeCowboyHusband saved the bull snake (not poisonous) and it’s back in our Garden of Eden. 🍎

He posted the snake pic on Facebook. It went viral. Many commented “OMG” with a variety of emojis. Best responses….

  • 3rd place: “How about a new snakeskin purse?”
  • 2nd place: “And that’s why you keep the lid down… always!”

Stuff happens

In order to communicate with power and presence as a speaker and business leader you must expect the unexpected.

Author: Karen Cortell Reisman is Founder of Speak For Yourself®, a communication consulting firm, and the author of 2 books on how to communicate & sell. She lives in Dallas, TX and stays at Star Ranch on most weekends, where she will now always inspect the toilet first. 🐍

Thank you to Robin Sachs for this week’s blog inspiration.

© 2022 Karen Cortell Reisman, All rights reserved


  1. Harry Hall

    I heard a story from a friend about some missionaries in Kenya. The husband found a Black Mamba in his bathroom. The family stayed. I’d been on the next flight out, anywhere.

    And I love how you tied the event back into several speaking tips.

    • Karen Cortell Reisman

      Harry – I’m with you! Thank goodness it was Jimmy who discovered The Snake.
      And thanks for your feedback about making the blog relevant to you and others.

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